certified organic extra virgin olive oil


Did You Know?

Extra virgin olive oils should be stored in a cool dark place.
The worst place to store olive oil is on top of the fridge, or next to the oven.

Olive oils will go rancid more quickly if stored in a warm environment, and light speeds up the loss of the health-giving, vitamin-E-like compound 'tocopherol'.

Kept in the fridge, the oil may solidify due to a naturally occurring proportion of saturated fats and/or waxes in their make-up.

Even if this happens, they usually return to their normal state when they warm to room temperature. The aroma and flavour of the olive oil should not be affected in any way by refrigeration.

Olive Oil Awards

  • • Royal Show Perth Bronze Award for our Blend.
  • • Australian Olive Association National Extra Virgin Olive
    Oil Show in Canberra, Bronze Award for our Frantoio.