certified organic extra virgin olive oil


Did you know?

Extra Virgin Olive Oil [EVOO] is, fundamentally, the naturally extracted juice of fresh olives. The 'fruit' is crushed to form a paste, and the oil is physically extracted from this paste, without the use of chemicals or too much heat. This process lends EVOO with a distinctively fruity, olive aroma and a lightly peppery taste. It also helps to preserve all of the natural antioxidants present in the olives.

Other varieties of olive oil, such as 'Pure' and 'Light', have gone through a process of refinement, and as such they can lack the aroma, flavour and antioxidant content of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


The climate of Esslemont Estate is similar to that of Tuscany, one of Italy’s great olive growing areas, and the three chosen varieties are among the most successful and popular from that region. All have a high oil content, and are highly suitable for growing in the estate’s soil. All three are blended together in our estate’s premium product, their different characteristics subtly harmonising, resulting in a fresh, fruity oil with a peppery aftertaste.

Frantoio is one of Tuscany’s most grown varieties. To draw an analogy with wine – something that is often done – this is the Cabernet Sauvignon in the Bordeaux. A flavoursome olive, it contributes an attractive pungency to the blend.

Mission has much in common with Frantoio, but with sufficient taste variation to add interesting complexity to the blend. Perhaps the Cabernet Franc component.

With Leccino we have to leave parallels with wine, because this variety has more in common with Shiraz, a grape that never enters a Bordeaux blend. A little milder in flavour than the other two, it has a more peppery quality to it. The Leccino component has much to do with the slightly peppery aftertaste of our extra virgin olive oil.